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Sticky Mat

Sticky mat are comprised of 30 or 60 layers of adhesive-mat PE (polyethylene) film which effectively removes dirt, dust from shoes, wheels of equipment and other things. Sticky mat can capture these dirt and dusts from shoes, wheels when pass over it. When the exposed layer is completely used, just need to peel it off to expose another clean layer simply. We have four color available: blue, white, grey, green. The common size is 18″*36″, 24″*36″,26″*45″. As for the thickness, it is from 0.035mm to 0.050mm.

Package detail: 10pcs/box, 10boxes/carton.

Sticky mat provide a unique, cost-effective solution to capture dirt before it is tracked into your workplace, cleanroom, office.

Product Parameter

Material Low density polyethylene

Water-based acrylic

Color Blue, white,
thickness 0.045,0.040, 0.050
Standard sizes: 18″*36″,24″*36″,26*”*45″
180opell strength 0.11~0.13KN/m
Film Thickness 40μm(±8%)

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